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Personal contact and a close relationship based on trust constitute the basis of our service model. Thus, our unique global perspective means that we can offer solutions which take into account the international nature of global financial products, including the more sophisticated choices unavailable in many countries as well as standard or purely domestic solutions in certain jurisdictions. For such a mandate, discretion, confidence, experience, vision and an eye to the future are essential. Amgest Sa provides a choice of portfolio management services across multiple asset classes to high net worth individuals and institutions:

Discretionary Mandates

A discretionary mandate is a professional service aimed at managing personal investment portfolios (not mutual), whereby the wealth manager is responsible for the investment decisions, that are undertaken in a discretionary manner, respecting the constraints set at the inception of the mandate.

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Institutional investment advisory

Amgest Sa offers a winning combination to Institutional Investors and Family Offices: an exclusive focus on independent asset management and a dedicated team of experienced professionals. Amgest Sa is also able to offer proprietary investment solutions via a Luxembourgbased UCITS umbrella fund structure.

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Our investment approach

Client satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. We achieve it mainly by customizing our service: listening, analyzing and understanding your needs allows us to guide you towards investment solutions which match your requirements and expectations. Our strategists determine the direction of investment policy under the management of the Chief Investment Officer to support you and your manager in making investment decisions, including the choice of depositary bank in Switzerland and/or abroad.

Asset allocation is based on a rigorous process taking account of current macroeconomic factors and various indicators for valuing asset classes, measuring the premium for the risk incurred, and understanding the general market confidence level. We favor a long-term view, accompanied by strict risk management. In order to optimize your capital protection, we continually revise and adjust our allocations depending on different endogenous or exogenous events influencing the markets.

Our clients benefit from a comprehensive range of experience, as we have a global network and the capacity to implement investment decisions quickly and efficiently all over the world.

Discretionary Asset Management

When you decide to entrust us to manage and grow your assets, you enter into a genuine partnership with your asset manager.
You open a banking relationship with a bank and grant Amgest Sa a discretionary mandate through the provision of a limited power of attorney.

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Institutional investment advisory

If you are a Family Office or an Institutional Investor and wish to manage your allocations, Amgest Sa offers you the opportunity to engage directly with an experienced team of money managers while leaving the ultimate decision entirely to you.

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Risk monitoring

Amgest Sa subjects its internal investment processes and portfolio positions to a rigorous risk monitoring every day. This ensures that the overall risk remains within the set limits and that the investment guidelines are observed. Every investment portfolio is characterised by maximum transparency thanks to this control.

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About us

Amgest Sa is licensed to provide financial services as stipulated under Swiss law and is also affiliated with VSG-ASG Swiss Association of Asset Managers.

Amgest Sa is reviewed every year by Professional Conduct audit (BDO) to ensure that they adhere to the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and the Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA).

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